We are developing a £16 million Three Counties Centre for Health and Wellbeing, as a new home for the Medical School. This is on schedule for completion in 2023.

Designed to maximise opportunities for interprofessional learning, the Three Counties Centre for Health and Wellbeing will be a physical embodiment of the aims of the Three Counties Medical School (TCMS) and its programme.

Three Counties Centre for Health and Wellbeing external

Centrally situated on the Severn’s St John’s riverbank in Worcester, it will be a major new resource for skills across the health professions. Until then existing University teaching space is available. 

The new facility will include a specialised anatomy skills room using high fidelity models for visualisation of anatomy, pathology and physiology; a simulated GP’s surgery with a suite of consultation rooms; technology for viewing and feedback space; and easily dividable units for Objective Structured Clinical Examinations.

The use of state-of-the-art simulation and visualisation facilities means there will be no need for laboratories for cadaveric dissection and standard wet laboratories to support basic science courses. Instead, space will be available to provide students access to computers and to allow them to engage in small study groups. A large open-plan learning space with café facilities will act as a communal area for students from different health disciplines to meet and collaborate in an informal environment. The new building will also provide a significant expansion of continuing professional development opportunities for those who are currently working in the regional health service.

Three Counties Centre for Health and Wellbeing internal

The Centre for Health and Wellbeing will significantly enhance the University’s existing health and science facilities. These existing facilities include:

  • Extensive clinical simulation suites and a simulated hospital environment
  • Dedicated biomedical research laboratories containing specialist equipment such as an LC/MS for lipid analysis
  • A Flow Cytometer for immunophenotyping and qPCR machines for gene expression analysis
  • Advanced laboratories for pollen and aerobiology research, with a negative pressure room for secure handling of harmful microorganisms and an environmental chamber for testing equipment and people in different environmental settings.

University facilities

The Medical School’s students will also have access to the University’s other first class facilities, such as The Hive, Europe’s first fully integrated university and public library based in a multi-award winning iconic building providing access to a quarter of a million books and over 12 miles of archive collections.

Philanthropic giving

Known for its imaginative innovation as well as its generosity, the Clive and Sylvia Richards Charity has made a major donation of a quarter of a million pounds towards the creation of the new anatomy suite at the Three Counties Medical School.

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