School of Psychology

Head of School

Department of Performance, Health and Wellbeing

  • Lee Badham

    Psychology Technician, Psychological Sciences

  • Dr Sarah Davis

    Senior Lecturer Psychology, Course Leader, MSc Psychology, Interpersonal Relationships and Wellbeing Research Group Lead

  • Dr Daniel Farrelly

    Principal Lecturer in Psychology & Head of Department, Department of Performance, Health and Wellbeing

  • Sarah Lloyd

    Lecturer in Psychology/Co-lead Undergraduate Psychology courses

  • Dr Berenice Mahoney

    Principal Lecturer and PhD Course Leader for the School of Psychology

  • Dr Helen McEwan

    Senior Lecturer Psychology / Co-lead Undergraduate Psychology courses

  • Dr Blaire Morgan

    Senior Lecturer in Psychology

  • Dr Laura Simmons

    Course leader for MSc Occupational/Business Psychology

Department of Violence Prevention, Trauma and Criminology

Research Degree Students

Professional Administrative Services


Work Based Learning Support (WBLS)

Sandra Ashford
Head of WBLS and Employer Engagement/Team Leader
01905 542201