Our internationalised Business School has a strong reputation for its supportive 而且 student-focused learning experience. 

We welcome students 而且 client organisations from across the world. 伍斯特商学院 students are immersed in a global 而且 interdisciplinary environment, led by expert faculty with business acumen 而且 experience. Our Business School programs will prepare you for an increasingly international world with a wide variety of courses that include innovative teaching environments, 案例研究, 国际研究, 以及工作实习机会. Your experience at Worcester will be welcoming 而且 friendly, 友好的学生和专业的工作人员的支持, while living in a city boasting both historic treasures 而且 a modern lifestyle. 为什么来伍斯特?


Our curriculum will challenge you to examine global perspectives 而且 business 而且 management challenges. 作为一个国际学生, you can apply to study on any of our undergraduate or postgraduate courses. 了解更多关于凤凰彩票官网的本科课程. 了解更多有关凤凰彩票官网的研究生课程


You will be taught by international scholars 而且 practitioners who have taught, researched 而且 advised in organisations around the world. 见见凤凰彩票官网的专家. Our innovative teaching methods have been featured in recent academic publications.


凤凰彩票官网的国际团队举办各种活动和旅行, 而且 there are many opportunities to take part in or host cultural experiences 而且 celebrations with your fellow students. We also have extensive links with international universities, giving you the opportunity to take part in intercultural projects.

Our students come from all over the globe 而且 are excited to share their experiences. Learn more about scholarship opportunities for international students.

Our 欧洲an students enjoy the opportunity to study in a foreign country while remaining in the 欧洲an Union. Learn more about scholarship opportunities for EU students.

Undergraduate students studying a minimum 3-year full time degree course can also choose to spend time studying at one of our partner universities in the USA, 加拿大, 欧洲, 澳大利亚或新西兰. Find out more about our study abroad opportunities.


The 凤凰彩票登陆 is renowned for its friendly 而且 highly supportive learning environment. 你会发现学生, staff 而且 the local community will all give you a very warm welcome 而且 help you to feel at home. 伍斯特是一个安全而美丽的城市, 历史文化丰富, 但却充满了活跃的社交场景. 了解更多关于伍斯特市的信息.

Your journey towards your degree will be aided by your Academic Tutor, 谁会帮助你的学术发展, act as your first point of call for guidance 而且 provide your official University reference when you graduate.


准备好掌控你的未来? 了解凤凰彩票官网的 入学要求和申请流程 而且 提供的奖学金.